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Photo Gallery

Kribi Vacation Kribi Vacation Suz, Sara and Jake (one of the other missionaries) headed to the water fall 44959535 beautiful 44959536 a nice family picture 44959537 44959538 we stopped on the beach to get some sodas and used their free pool table...been a long time since I played. suz was a natural 44959539 our one meal out...not bad..the company was great! 44967146 Suz contemplating the kayak 44967148 her and josh and samuel tackle it. 44967149 Suz masters it on her own. Alright! 44967150 Suz and Sara hit the ocean 44967147 44967152 Waves were so, so until the last day, when they were great! (not on this day, but it was fun) 44967153 Suz got the hang of body surfing. Tim did great (too bad he was the one behind the camera most of the time) 44967154 view of the beach from the house we were staying at 44967155 where we ate most of our meals...nice! 44967156 shows front of the house 44967157 44967158 view of path to the house from the beach 44967159