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Photo Gallery

Sandrines story Sandrines story Her village name was worthless and she was in danger of being taken to the river for "Mami Water" (left to die) 178315999 She was in so much pain from the worms in her toes, feet knees etc. that she never walked and had to be carried everywhere 178317990 Our first hospital trip to remove the worms 178315175 Then we got her a walker and worked with her to stand and walk 178317991 178317988 Her second trip to the hospital. There for a month for therapy and to be fitted for braces 178317989 Her third trip to the hospital for surgery to lengthen a tendon and more therapy 178315345 178315346 178315347 178317985 178317986 now she needs to do exercises to strengthen her legs and arms 178317987 cast off -- big scar but what a blessing to have this available to help her walk better 178317984 She is walking, running and playing really well now! We are grateful to her supporters and those who have helped to bring her this far. 178315998