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Photo Gallery

Willie in pictures Willie in pictures Willie in the village His mother died the day after he was born. His twin sister died 2 weekes later. We picked him up in Benade a remote village when he was 3 weeks old. 161571068 Willie's father is the one in the front. Directly behind him is the village Fon (chief) It makes it nicer when the officials are involved when we pick up our children 161571081 The whole village was involved 161571080 He was under 4 pounds at 3 weeks old. His skin was hanging off his arm and legs 161571069 waiting for admittance to the children's ward at MBingo hospital (about 45 minutes away) 176554395 They had a hard time getting an IV into him. That was tough to watch 176554396 We were so grateful that while he was dehydrated and malnourished there were no other medical issues. 161571070 We only had to stay for 24 hours...yeah!! Hospitals here don't provide the food. They don't bathe the patient etc... The families have to do that. The hospital provides the bed and medical care. 161571071 He was introduced to his new brothers, sisters and the Ma of HHCH 176554393 He stayed with us for about 3 months. And also a couple more times...a week when he had malaria and another week when he had an infection. 161571072 This is a dolls outfit that we borrowed from a friend. We had no premmie clothes available so their daughter graciously loaned us her dolls outfit 161571073 He's our bud. 161571074 One of our favorite pictures...he was 3 months old and just starting to laugh 161571075 Philemon (holding Willie) was one of our former TMI bible school students. He was one the ones who let us know about Willie. This is one of the ways we continue to partner with TMI 176554400 Praise the Lord, he is developmentally right on target! 161571076 This is when he first went to the childrens home. Here is Sandrine, Bena and Dorcas 161571078 176554394 Looking cool....bandana was to cover up a bad case of ring worm...he is doing fine now. 161571079 176554397 For about a year Willie would stay overnight one night a week at our home so we could monitor his progress and just keep an eye on him. 176554398 He is just one of the kids at his own bag of gifts for Christmas 176554399 176554401 176554402 Jeff and Penny (family in Michigan) sent him this along with lots of other goodies. Thanks guys!! 176554403