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Great Church Service

Posted by borns on July 19, 2009 at 3:43 PM

For those of you in the U.S.; church here in Cameroon can be a challenge, to say the least. The sound system often distorts a tough to understand sermon, the music gets so loud that it can give you headaches and it can last for many hours. Very different from what we know and love in the States.

It had gotten so bad that Suz and I decided that it might be more profitable to help out in the childrens church. No less quiet, mind you, but at least I understood the message (only because I was the one giving We were actually really enjoying it, but I didn't want to take over for the woman who was doing it already. She has been doing a really good job!!! Unusual, since most churches tend to pass over the importance of training up their children. Today, I was feeling particularily weary..I have been somewhat burned out...and just needed to go to service and get refreshed.

Praise God! I understood the most of the sermon. But the main thing that struck me today was such a sense of fellowship in the Spirit. Here we were Cameroonians and Americans, so different culturally, yet worshipping as one in the Spirit. And we are able to put aside the differences (even though the worship style is different) and just love God from our hearts together. It was awesome! And I don't know for sure about Tim and Suz, but I walked away blessed and filled.

My hope and prayer for everyone else, is that they too can leave their times of fellowship blessed and filled with God's love.


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