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A nice quiet evening

Posted by borns on June 23, 2009 at 4:10 PM

Just enjoying a nice quiet evening with the family and 2 volunteers. Katie (from RFIS a school in the capital of Yaounde) and Joy (a missionary kid who is back from the States on a visit) are here in Bamenda to help out at the orphanage. We are blessed with the help that they have given. They have been painting the ceilings in the second block building that will hold the office, library/storage, a lounge and 2 more dorms. Praise the Lord we have been so blessed to have a lot of help with all of the projects that we have going on at the orphanage (and there are a lot of them). Anyway... they are over tonight for a pizza dinner, ice cream dessert and a movie. It has been fun and makes me all the more grateful that we have these types of things to make it more "bearable". And that we can share these blessings with other people. Thanks to all who have blessed us with things from the States..... these make it feel more like home, even though we are so far away from those things that are so familar. Suz and I sometimes get caught up in the: what will I eat (or what foods do I miss) when I get back to the States mode. It's kind of fun to remember all of those types of things, but can give me cravings big time. Still... these nights makes me nostalgic for all of the blessings that are available in the States.

Love to all our family and friends there...we think of you often!!


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