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A nice quiet evening

Posted by borns on June 23, 2009 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (1029)

Just enjoying a nice quiet evening with the family and 2 volunteers. Katie (from RFIS a school in the capital of Yaounde) and Joy (a missionary kid who is back from the States on a visit) are here in Bamenda to help out at the orphanage. We are blessed with the help that they have given. They have been painting the ceilings in the second block building that will hold the office, library/storage, a lounge and 2 more dorms. Praise the Lord we have been so blessed to have a lot of help with all of the projects that we have going on at the orphanage (and there are a lot of them). Anyway... they are over tonight for a pizza dinner, ice cream dessert and a movie. It has been fun and makes me all the more grateful that we have these types of things to make it more "bearable". And that we can share these blessings with other people. Thanks to all who have blessed us with things from the States..... these make it feel more like home, even though we are so far away from those things that are so familar. Suz and I sometimes get caught up in the: what will I eat (or what foods do I miss) when I get back to the States mode. It's kind of fun to remember all of those types of things, but can give me cravings big time. Still... these nights makes me nostalgic for all of the blessings that are available in the States.

Love to all our family and friends there...we think of you often!!


Still more puppy news

Posted by borns on May 30, 2009 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (1238)

Well we are down to 3 puppies to sell (although 2 more are still with us until the new owners can build big pens for them). We were REALLY blessed to find someone who helped save the life of one of our female shepherd puppies. She came back from Yaounde really sick, where she was for 3 weeks while someone tried to sell her for us. After losing 2 puppies to a viralent puppy virus already...Sue and I were pretty distressed. But, it turned out to be something that fleas carry here in Africa. Go figure! There seems to be so many diseases here in Africa that I have never even heard's been a long haul, but we have been enjoying the puppies. So keep us in prayer as we are still babying this female puppy. She is doing so much better, but we still find ourselves having to fsometimes orce glucose water down her because she gets dehydrated. She is a real sweetie!! she has such a sweet pesonality so we are looking for a very special home for her to go to.


All else is going well here. Sue just finished school and got A's and B's... we are really happy with her performance in school.


The orphanage is up and running...updates to come soon!


Thanks to all for your support and prayers!



The Puppy Saga

Posted by borns on May 23, 2009 at 4:46 PM Comments comments (3434)

Okay.... so it has been forever since we have put anything on this website...SORRY!!

Our puppy saga began back in January when we wanted to breed our German Shephard. Our other female (also in heat) also managed to get pregnant....the end result....a couple of months later is 2 litters of 7 puppies each. Look at the pics! I (Sara) was the only one to stay up and witness the event. It was a long, but amazing night. We were only aware of the first litter as the German Shepherd (Padme) didn't show any signs of being in labor. We welcomed the boxer mix's puppies into the world (Leia - yes, they are Star Wars themed names) and didn't even know that the German Shepherd was giving birth under the porch stairs. We heard all of the newborn puppy noises coming from outside the window and went running towards the sound, only to be greeted by an irratible (and scary) mother dog in the middle of giving birth to her last puppy. Once she knew it was us she was fine, but oh what a heart stopper. It's one of the reasons we got her, but whew! She is intimidating. So we locked her up and moved her babies and then her inside. Wow, these guys are cute and so much fun, but also soooomuch work! We are really happy to be down to 6. And looking forward to the time when the household is back to just the 2 adult dogs.

I have my favorite puppy (little bear - named because she looks just like a black bear cub) going to a really hot and remote village. We have prayed really hard for the dogs to go to just the right places. I was worried that maybe it would be hard on her as she is a long haired fluff ball. However, (God is so good) I found out from someone who lived in this village for many years, that the long haired dogs do much better as they are somehow protected from the many skin diseases that the short haired breeds seem to suffer from. Praise God... not only is she much better suited for this village than one of the others we considered giving to him, but the Lord put my mind at ease by sending someone to me who knew about how much better she would do there than the other puppy. So we see how God is answering our prayers for the right homes!

I will be sure to keep this website more up-to-date....Lord willing and as the internet is working...I will post at least weekly. There is so much happening here and we are so busy. It's exciting!!

Love to all!


Busy, busy, busy!

Posted by borns on February 4, 2009 at 6:49 AM Comments comments (745)

Sorry to be so long in updating everyone on the happenings of the Born family. Ever since Tim has been back from his trip to the States we have been going full force in getting a car wash business up and running. The profits will go towards helping with the monthly costs of running the orphanage (like rent, utilities, staff salaries)... every little bit of that covered in country helps. Opening a business (legally and without brides) was much more involved than we thought and required MANY long days. But... Praise God... we had our grand opening last week and the car wash is now up and running!!

We are now turning our attention to renovating the orphanage buildings in hopes of a March opening. There is A LOT of work that needs to be done, but we are hopeful that we will get all of the essential stuff done so that we can start operating soon.

Suz is doing well in school. Although, we are still struggling a little in Math, we are finding that Geometry is not as bad as Algrebra was. Man... we are not looking forward to Algebra II next year and are hoping for a tutor who can help us with it. Suz has lost 35+ pounds now and is really looking great. I am 47 pounds down (but have a lot more to go than Suz). We have been doing a new workout (behind closed doors... for good reason), it is Turbo Jam, a dance/aerobic workout. It is a blast and we find that the 20-45 minutes just fly by. Tim has been working REALLY hard! He is gone sometimes from sunup to sundown. We are hoping that with the attention turning to the orphanage that we will see a lot more of him, since the orphanage is literally just around the corner. We hope to, at least, share meal times with him! We REALLY miss family and friends in the States!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone

Posted by borns on December 27, 2008 at 9:19 AM Comments comments (1055)

Happy, Happy (Cameroonian for Merry Christmas) to everyone!!

We had a great day on Christmas. We started with our traditional Bible reading from the book of Luke, opened some small gifts (most of the ones from our ECCC family were opened early.... sorry but I couldn't wait!). thanks to everyone who richly blessed us with those gifts! :)

We had a nice roast chicken meal and relaxed... ahhhhh. That was really nice. We then met over at some friends house for dessert (like I needed more food!), coffee/tea, good fellowship and some games.

We are really blessed to have great friends here in Bamenda! On Christmas eve we joined a rather large group for a meal, carols, an advent time and a white elephant gift exchange (that was a blast!!) We are going to be resting up from a whirlwind month of work on the carwash and orphanage before we head into January for another whirlwind month of work on.... you guessed it... the car wash and orphanage.

We are so blessed to be here in Cameroon doing the Lords work, but we do miss our family and friends back in the States. We pray that you are able to rest in the Lords love and enjoy God's gift of friends and family during this holiday season. God bless you!!


Things Moving forward

Posted by borns on December 10, 2008 at 12:46 PM Comments comments (1717)
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Greetings to all,
Well it is great to be back in Cameroon with the family.  We are moving forward with the orphanage and bible school.  We have entered into an agreement to rent a place for the ministry.  It has three buildings, two housing units and a big building for the class rooms and large halls for meetings.  Praise God!  And we also have acquired a piece of land to open our first business to help support the ministry, a car wash.  It is going well and we are really excited about how things are moving.
At the home front we are all doing well. Sue is doing well in school and enjoying her new computer. We are decorating the house with some decorations we have.  It is kind of like a half Africa half American decorations. We were really blessed to have all the Christmas gifts that people sent to us. It has really been fun.

Don't forget to look on the Win Our Nations web site to see the updates on the School and orphanage.
We are praying that you all have the best Christmas always!
In His Service,
Tim, Sara and Sue

Home in Cameroon

Posted by borns on December 2, 2008 at 11:17 AM Comments comments (837)

Hi Everyone,

I am home in Cameroon. Though I really enjoyed visiting everyone it is great to be home.  I had a great time in the States and had the chance to visit family and friends.  It was great to meet all the new friends too and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Praise God we raised enough money to get started on the orphanage. So we are finishing getting all the legal stuff done to secure the building.  Then we will be starting to work on the building. We are really excited to get started!  Please pray for us as we start in this work of God. 

We also are starting a car wash to provide jobs and use the profits to help support the orphanage and Bible School.

Here at the home front all of us are healthy and doing well.  We love you all and hope to hear from you!




One of those LONG nights!

Posted by borns on October 23, 2008 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (3662)
Hi... this is Sara in Cameroon again!

We have a lot of cats. They are great! They have provided hours of entertainment when nothing else was available, loved us unconditionally (most of the time), kept our houses rat, lizard and roach free, but.... there are times....

We had one of those times about 2 nights ago. We found a way for our cats to venture in and out of the house themselves so that we don't have to let them in and out all the time. Most of the time this is great, but....they are real hunters and love to "show off" their latest catches with us.We have gotten used to the mornings when we wake up to find pieces of mice, birds and even bats everywhere. I woke up around 2:00 am hearing one of the cats "I have something to show you" meows. I turned on the light because I didn't want to find out what it was when the cat brought it up on the bed to show me (rare, but it has happened). What I saw sent me running to put on my calf high army boots and make a dash down the hall for the machete. It was a 2 foot black snake (Thank the Lord that it was a mostly dead version). Here I don't take chances as there are many varieties of very poisonous snakes. I was able to make "quick work" of the snake. I have to admit that it did take several hours for the adrenaline to dissipate enough to get some sleep. Suz and I locked the cats out of my room for the rest of the night as we didn't want anymore surprises.

When we inquired about the snake we found out that, indeed, the snake was one of the deadlier varities here. One of the cats must have taken a really small bite on her face as you could see the fang marks and half of her face was really swollen. She is fine now.

All of the time we find things to be grateful to the Lord for! This is the fourth time a snake has been in our house with no real harm to us or the pets!!! Keep praying for us.... we definitely need the prayer coverage. Also... a reminder... please let us know what your prayer needs are. We would love to be able to pray specifically for people.


From Sara in Cameroon

Posted by borns on October 8, 2008 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (845)

Hi from Cameroon. Suz and I have been holding down the fort here in Cameroon. Wanted to give a quick update on what's been happening. We just got our electricity back 3 days ago. We had a major transformer "blow up" (it's hard to tell whether it was just for the Bamenda area or the whole North West - it depends on who you talk to). We had to "share" power with another large area for about 2 weeks and spent a great deal of time without. Suz and I made a fun time of it by playing games/cards by candle light and roasting marshmallows with those same candles. We also caught up on our reading. We were very greatful that we only lost refrigerator items. The freezer actually held at 0 degrees Celsius even when we went 60 straight hours with no electricity. Suz school finally got here intact along with several other goodies. We are grateful to one of our supporters who provided enough money to pay for the curriculum and the shipping. Although we struggled for several days trying to get it loaded, it is now up and running so that we "now have school"!! Yeah!!! Although I am sure that there are times when Suz wishes it wasn't here! Thanks for everyone who has been praying for us. Please also keep James and Becky in prayer as her Father (in Canada) is facing quad by-pass surgery.

Be Blessed!!! -- Sara

Tim In Maryland

Posted by borns on October 8, 2008 at 7:52 AM Comments comments (1082)
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Greeting to all friends and family,

If this is the first time visiting our website for you welcome

I have not written in a while. I am in the States and staying in Maryland at the Allison�s right now. I had the chance to share at New Life (our Md Home Church) and that went well. I am getting to know a lot more people. This is the cry of our heart. We are looking for support but more than that, we are building relationships that people will truly partner with our ministry. 

I will be attending the men�s group tonight and tomorrow we are having a group at the Allison�s with neighbors coming. Then Friday morning I go to a morning breakfast and Full Gospel Business Men�s at night. Sat the 11 I set up a booth at a Christian Ministry conference (I think that is what it is called) and Sat night I speak at a home group.

Then� Sunday morning I speak at the International Church in Beltsville Md.

God has really been showing me His love during the time here. God is so good!!

 The Allison�s daughter Danaki Allison is in College right now and going through a rough time with some medical issues. Please pray for her!

I travel from Here to Ohio where I speak at Wilkins Church on the 19th.  Please pray about the chance to go to Grace College (where Danaki goes) and sharing there.

I love you all and may God's abundant blessing be yours!

In His Service

Tim Born